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Product name:HYD-X multi-function production line of stuffed bun and steamed bread

Update time:2020-5-12 15:55:42

product details

Product Description: 

Automatic production line for steamed buns do processing like dough mixer, continuous sheet pressing, sheet finishing, sheet rolling, pattern making, quantitative cutting,filling and forming, put on the plate automatically, thus realizing the whole process of mass production.

The whole system makes use of multiple advanced technologies including photoelectric sensor, electro-magnetic induction, human-computer interface, microcomputer programming and new material bionic technology. higher degree of  automation can ensure continuous production without the help of manual work.

This is the best choose for manufacturer which production Steamed stuffed bun, pie, knife cut steamed bread , Round steamed bread machine, roll stream and so on.

Product Parameter: 

The weight range of stuffed bun: 20-120g/pc

The production capacity of stuffed bun: 1000-5000pcs/h

The weight range of steamed bread: 10-150g/pc

The production capacity of steamed bread: 1000-20000pcs/h

Power: 9.6kw

Machine Size: 14000×1400×1500mm



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